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Green Products

At Paramount Paper, we continually focus on sourcing and finding the packaging alternatives you need to support you and your customers’ green efforts. Whether it’s food service packaging or green chemicals that have less of an impact on the environment, Paramount Paper is your source. We have combed the product offerings of our manufacturers to ensure we have true green products available to you. These products fall into three major categories:

  • products that are recyclable
  • products that are from manufacturers utilizing sustainable practices
  • products that are certified “green.”

What is Green?

Green is an environmental term defined as “products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.” Green is a comparative term. For instance, green cleaning products are effective at cleaning, but have a reduced negative impact on the environment when compared to non-green products.

Green cleaning can reduce costs since it reduces the non-renewable resources required to maintain a clean environment. This leaves more resources available for future generations, as well as lowers consumer health risks due to dangerous by-products which can be left behind when traditional cleaning products are used.

In short, green cleaning is cleaning that creates a safer, healthier environment for people, while lowering the risk of negative environmental impact